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Saturday, May 9, 2009

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Once again, I've managed to neglect my blog... It seems to be a growing habit when I should at least update more than once a month, but I digress.

Anyway, updated the header with a temporary image of one of my favorite characters, Whip from The King of Fighters '99 - XI. It does not seem like much, but I'm attempting to alter my little piece of space to something that fits more of my style and not be so damned awkward looking. Hopefully, I'll have an image of something I'm working on in her place, but until then, Whip will be there to stay.

In other news, Deviant Art has once again become the bane of my existence as it refuses to let me check my messages and view any of the artwork and associated artists I have on my watch list. I don't know what sort of beef they have with T-Mobile and slow connections, but they've somehow managed to keep pissing me off with their antics. So, if I ever get around to finishing any work that may be post worthy, they will all be posted here or on Sticky-Site until further notice. That or my other websites, which also need some updating. Bleh...

And for those that did not already know, my external hard drive, with just about everything I've gathered for the last several years - anime (Soul Eater just finished! T_T), games, music (had a ton of game music) , movies, porn, etc. - took quite a hit this past Monday. I was over my brother's home trying to get some updates and finish some downloads for anime along with playing some games on his high definition tv when his silly dog decided to play dash! through the area my equipment was occupying. Needless to say, the dog managed to snag one of the wires to the external drive and send it crashing to the floor. I attempted to rescusitate the drive (lol, sounds so silly now that I think about it. There was no way in hell I could have done it.) to retrieve my data from it, but it was all for naught. And to make matters worse, Seagate would send me a new drive for free (so they say), but charge over $1,700 to recover any data from it. I assume that figure is based on how much actual data the drive can hold, which in my gloriously messed up case is 500 Gigabtyes, and how much time and effort they can somehow manage to squeeze out of my pockets to do anything. Obviously, being broke and unemployeed, I said fuck it and sent it off for a new one. I just hope I can get another one back in exchange.
Sigh... And the thought of tracking down and downloading everything again makes me feel ill to my stomach whenever I think about it. I'll manage somehow.

I'm also trying to keep my spirits up by not thinking about it... Ugh, and it's not working too well.

Oh... and here's a sneak peek on what else I'm trying to work on. It's really nothing more than screen capture of a character I've fallen head over heels for, but you should get the idea of where I'd like the final product to look like! Enjoy!

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