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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Modeling updates

As you can see, I've gotten off my lazy bum to create something I had been planning for months! What's odd is that it's actually much better looking after I finished tweaking it in ZBrush, but Poser hates the rigging on it. Meh... I'm still trying to figure out where I messed up in regards to that, but at least I've made progress. Though, what's also silly is that Blender crashed out on me at least a dozen times when I tried to do things related to the underlying model, such as hiding it or using a higher subdivision setting. If anything else, those crashes reinforced several aspects of basic computer use: SAVE, and SAVE OFTEN! If I had headed those words more carefully, it wouldn't have taken me several hours to redo and fix things I had already done! But, I digress.

So, that's it for this update! Later!

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