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Monday, September 29, 2008

Random Musings

Well, I don't a whole lot to talk about here. Never been much of one to post a blog. lol

Aside from that, I will be using this blog to report the status of some of my projects. Some of them are requests to create images via renderings in Poser, an art trade, and a video game project!

On the side with the image projects:
  1. one set is partially done or should I say 1 of 4 are done. The characters have been created and properly textured, I just need to setup the rest of the actions to accommodate the request itself. Bleh! I think I'm just being lazy or depressed since I could have done it sooner.
  2. The second request requires a rendering of a female centaur caught up in an odd situation. I believe it's more on the bondage side of things, but I'll need to finish some tests to see how to make one from scratch or via DAZ's V4 and their Millennium Horse. Some sort of weird morph may be in order.
  3. An art trade with a gifted artist, you can see his web page on Deviant Art. This one is really intriguing as the request is along the lines of some of my older works; which is VERY cool to begin with. Also, I've finished about half of it (look just below for a sample) or so. I think all that's left is the need to work on a character and add SLIME! BWAHAHA! *cough* Anyway, so that's on it's way.

On the side for my other projects:
  1. GAMES! Well, playing some of the ones that I have yet to finish are on my to do list as well. I just have WAY to many to list here at a time. So, next game up is probably Shin Megami Tensi: Nocturne and Person 3/FES. Awesome games and great study material, especially Nocturne for it's ways of using the story and game play elements to change varying outcomes with your enemies and random encounters.
  2. My video game project! Technically, it's #1 on this list, but they are both related since I'm in the process of making a Role Playing Game (RPG) in a similar vein. Well, to some degree anyway. What I really am shooting for is something close to Kingdom Hearts as for game play and Jade Empire, or Mass Effect, for story and/or branching process. The reason for this is I want a more combat focused rpg with a great story. I'm not knocking the great stuff that has come out over the years, but I feel that the standard way of rpg gaming needs a boost, or change of pace. Granted, the test run of the game I'm working on is planned for a 2 dimensional version to workout various areas of the game, like characters, enemies, plot, overall story, and so forth; it's the goal I want to reach with making this game. And, in another journal posting on Deviant Art here, the game and story development will more than likely be done solely by me. It's not because I am some sort of arrogant bastard that wants to alienate people, it's due to people usually not wanting to work with me. A wide variety of reasons can be given, but at the end of the day, I'm usually alone on how to approach the idea. I'd love to work with other people, and I may, or should, be contracting out some of the character and enemy artwork with some artists that do commissions. It sounds silly to suggest this line of thinking, but who the hell is going to do any work for someone that's usually broke or for free? The answer is that NO ONE really will! The same will be said for the music, which I may just pull out my sister's digital synthesiser and make something usable or contract out for. Meh... not much else to say about this, until my next posting. That should contain some sneak peeks on some of the characters.
So, that's all I think I have for the moment. Like I said about, be on the lookout for some upcoming details on some of the characters for my game project and the other things I'm working on.

Till next time, I'm out!
Ayane Matrix

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