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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Another project update!

It's not much, but thanks to another online buddy of mine, Shin-Kensou, work on some character concepts have been produced! This one in particular is of Rad, with a mustache! lol

What I've decided, with the prompting on Shin-Kensou, is to make a smaller project that uses some of the characters in a way to explain their past, or their reason for being part of the story. As it currently stands, Rad is the furthest along in character development, and yes some of his information that I had previously posted here has changed. The next step will be to get some further in progress shots of him and finally get started on some plotline for him and a 3D model worked up.

I know it isn't a very large deal to many people, but work on my game project is finally underway!

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