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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Project Update

It's more of a small update really.

Anyway, I finally got Neverwinter Nights up and running, and I even managed to get my hands on the community expansion kit. Thankfully, the patches and other software were easier to install than they were to get. Ugh... I really need to get some high speed connection again.

Other than that, the tool set appears to be simple enough to at least plan around what goes where in the game world, and even easier to see if it looks alright before you setup the module. Thank goodness building landscapes are not as brutal as I expected them to be. At least not yet anyway. lol All I'd need to worry about would be making sure the scene at least closely matches what I'm working on.

The characters on the other hand are going to be more of an issue since the game has a weird way of generating characters that suit the ones I'm designing. Plus, it's not like the original game was designed with Asian flair to begin with, so costumes and looks may take a backseat until the next stage of the game is in progress. That, or I'll need to invest in Neverwinter Nights 2, maybe even Dragon Age when it comes out. I'll worry about that another time since that means extra money I don't possess at the moment.

So, besides all of the fun time to be had on this project, it looks like everything is proceeding full steam ahead! Expect some future posts relating to character profile updates, looks, envrionments and enemies as things progress further.

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