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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Moving Along...

I know, I know... I promised to update the blog in a more timely fashion; but, I just haven't done so as of late. BLARGH!

I've also been putting off other things, such as the requests, art trades, and game projects due to my unstable mood. I know I should not be doing things this way, but I have no idea on how to bring myself out of this rut. All I can do is move on and hope things get better.

Aside from that, I've updated the art trade I've been working on! They're test renders for the most part, but it shows that I'm on the right track. If nothing else, it's been keeping my spirits up just working on it. So, without any further delay, take a look at the 3 shots below.

So, when it's finished, it should prove to be an interesting image, or set of images.

Next, I previously stated that I would be building my game project using the Blender Game engine, which is part of the recent version of Blender. I've been thinking hard about that and may experiment with either Blender or Neverwinter Night's Aurora game building engine. The case of using NWN's game building engine would allow me to test out the branching storyline I want to create for the finished product, get a general view of where and how the game world would look like, and even test out some of the gameplay elements in a similar regards to how RPG Maker XP does. Granted, I haven't booted up NWN in a couple of years; but it does give me a reason to reload it on my laptop. lol! Plus, I've been playing Bioware's Jade Empire for the past week or so and how found a new found appreciation for how the developers craft their stories. That, and I've read in a recent Game Informer that their next game, Dragon Age, used the same game builder for a similar purpose of fleshing out the story for that game. It makes sense, so that may be a possible route for me to take.

So, I think this is it for the time being and I'll make another post soon!


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