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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Medusa Outfit WIP 09

Well... I finished the outfit and figured out what I had done wrong with the UV textures without help. Sigh...

Anyway, this is pretty much the finished model. I found that the UV map was altered by mistake when I went to add a texture to a newly edited section on her outfit and Blender went crazy and shifted the points. I ended up having to rework each section's UV maps, materials, and textures to get everything working. The next problem is that this is the render from within Poser 7 and it doesn't import the model and display it like it does in Blender; which is why it looks a bit rough. Then again, on export, the total filesize for the .obj files are only... around a total of 150kb give or take. They're pretty small, and in being so they do not work at all in Poser 7's cloth room. I guess it needs more polygons now.

So... until I can figure out how to get the clothes to move like cloth, this might as well be the last batch of work in progress shots. And I still need to make the hair transparent mapped so it doesn't look like it's one solid piece.

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