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Thursday, October 16, 2008


Well, it's been a while since my last posting. I'm still getting used to posting more than every few months and about anything other than stuff for Deviant Art, but I digress.

I've started rewriting some of the character information, mainly for visual descriptions and personality. Reasons being fairly obvious, if I want to hand off this data to an artist, then they would have the necessary information to create the look from my description of them. Granted, I did this already to some degree; but, looking back at the notes, the information on those characters were not fully fleshed out. That, and my buddy is thinking of helping out by drawing them. I'm still wondering about that since he's working on a couple of other projects right now. Meh...
Also, I've given some thought on changing my first iteration of game to that of Blender's built in Game Engine. That way, all of the character models and environments are completed in 3D, and I can actually have a playable test for others to work with. Upside, if I can get Blender to compile and work under the PS3 Linux environment, I can even test everything out there as well. Downside, it locks down some of the work to that piece of software and all of the programming involved will be handled via Python and not C+/C++, like I eventually want it to. I guess it could be good or bad, depending on what's all involved in making everything work in Blender and what the final product could end up being like. I guess I'll work that out as I go.

In further news, I've worked out some further details for the art trade I'm working on for chem-halo. The test render is unsuitable at the moment to be posted here, yet I'll most likely have an updated one sometime this week. So far, so good; even chem-halo's half of the trade looks great! I just hope that I can upload the finished copy to Deviant Art when it's finished. The site is still giving me grief. Ugh!

Enough about that. I guess, this blog is currently over until next time.


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