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Monday, October 6, 2008

Projects Update

Well, I'm not to sure if this is an update. It's more of a what's happening... I guess.

First off, obviously, I'm currently revising some of the characters, their actions, and etc. so they don't clash and outshine one another. The reasoning behind it came from a discussion I had with a buddy of mine about one of the character's event scenes being fairly cooler and more interesting during that event than in most of the game. I concede that; and, as a result, will retool how each of them work together and separately from one another. Silly enough, the whole process is not so far off that this would take very long to do. It's just a small tweak, if anything. I'm also playing around with other names for Salaria; her name currently feels like how one would say Malaria. Ack!
The other issue that I'm currently working on (and after a talk with my friend again) are expanding the characters in a similar pattern with Rad. In writing him, I somehow managed to work out a ton of stuff specific to him and then neglecting the other characters, namely the main one Maya. I guess she should be more of a newbie to the world, rather than know it all, or something to that effect, and is capable of growing as the story progresses. Technically, all the characters will grow and change over time, but none to the extent of the main character, as it should be.

I'm still working on other projects such as the Poser renderings. I'm not totally sure why I'm stalling with them; but, for whatever reason, I will get them done. ARGH!
I'm also trying to figure out how to redo my blog page. Ah, I may make a picture or something, I'm not too sure. Maybe a logo for the game, whenever I get around to naming it.

I guess that's it. This isn't much of an update, but meh. I'm still trying to figure out what to post here since I'm fairly new to this and I'd hate to ruin everyone's opinion of the game with TMI (to much information) and loads of promises that I may not be able to deliver on. It would be great to get more reactions from people on this, but I figure this will not be the case.


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