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Friday, October 10, 2008

Putting Around

Well, another time, another post.

It's been a couple of days since I've last posted anything of importance. I still haven't fleshed anything out for the other characters, nor have I done much of anything but loaf around the house. And Deviant Art is still messing with me on my home connection. So uploading and responding to anything of importance will have to wait until I go somewhere else. With that, I can see that all of this is pretty depressing, so I'll move on.

I drew a mock up of what I'd hope will be an enemy for the first zone the group goes to. Judging from the looks of it, it's not going to be the first one they meet; it looks pretty strong and may end up being a sub boss of sorts. I'm still working on it and after some cleanup, I just may go ahead and scan it. Meh.

I also had my friend, Tallgeeseneo, take a look at some of my earlier written works and some of the story material for the game. For whatever reason, he seems to think that they are written out, more or less, like comic pages. I think I asked him by what he meant, only to receive a comment pretty much telling me that the way I write sets his imagination up to view the story in they way a comic book does. I guess the way I describe they setting, people, and their reactions seems a bit strict, to some degree. I think he even mentioned that I needed to write more along the lines of the way I talk. I wanted to laugh on this as I think he doesn't realize that I DO talk that way! Then again, I have loosened up over the years, just not too much. If you want to check out what I'm referring to, you can visit my old, but sometimes updated, website or use the link of the right... Whenever I manage to get time to set it up. lol!
Anyway, if my friend is correct though, it should still be helpful to me to fully envision the story and location, not to mention the characters. I'm still reeling on the fact that I'll need to add a ton of non player characters with varying things to say and do during the game. Gah! The madness! And, this only becomes more complicated when I think of adding AI on top to complicate things! *Smacks self* I'll worry about that later... <_<>_> -.-;

Any who, that's all for this merry update! Take care!

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